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The wealth preservation and income-producing virtues of farmland are irrefutable. However, access to farmland assets can be costly, complicated, and time-consuming.

At Sower, we provide the ability to buy it right and manage it well, which is critical to an investor’s success. Each investor in the Sower Farmland Fund has direct ownership in our portfolio of farms.

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Einstein’s Five Levels Of Cognitive Prowess

Farmland offers a simple way to diversify, counter inflation, and build wealth over the long term.

Source: “Understanding Circle of Competence and Knowing The Edge of Your Competency.” Forbes, 1-2-15

A Tradition Of Excellence

Investors in the Sower Farmland Fund enjoy annual rental income and appreciation potential. ​

Sower Farmland is an Omaha, Nebraska-based farmland investment manager with all farms 100% leased.​

The green shaded area of the map is indicative of how Sower Farmland Fund benefits from widespread relationships with farm managers, operators or brokers.

Each individual icon represents a farm in the Fund. The Fund manages over 15,000 acres across seven states.

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