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Sower Farmland Fund executes the sourcing, due diligence, acquisition, management and disposition strategies according to our client’s needs and goals. We understand how to identify underperforming assets, manage resources to maximize potential, and deliver value. Sower Farmland Fund provides our clients opportunities to access or expand holdings in quality row crop farmland throughout the United States in order to achieve asset diversification goals, while hedging inflation and producing superior risk-adjusted returns.

Sower Farmland Fund

Sower Farmland Fund is a private investment, row crop farmland fund providing a vehicle for investors to diversify into the farmland asset class. The Fund focuses on acquiring diversified row crop farmland in the major growing regions of the United States and is actively managed both at the property and portfolio level to maximize overall returns to the investor while preserving capital.

Legacy Farmland Fund

Legacy Farmland Fund, LLC is a strategic, tax-advantaged divestiture option that maximizes the after-tax present value of a divestment, while avoiding many of the common complexities involved in a heritage sale.

The Legacy Farmland Fund operates by receiving tax-deferred contributions of farmland assets and accommodating personal property at fair market value from farmland owners (“Investors”) in exchange for Farmland LP Units in the fund.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Sower Farmland’s Separately Managed Accounts offers tailored investment solutions, guided by an integrated approach, to provide investors access or expansion into the farmland asset class while maintaining the benefits of direct ownership. Our dedicated team works with our clients to create and execute a customized farmland investment plan that fits the needs and goals of the investor.

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