Gain access to the lucrative asset of farmland, from agriculture experts.

“Farmland is an asset with a foundation like no other.  For thousands of years families have relied on farmland to preserve and grow their wealth yet today it’s often overlooked.

The Sower Farmland team has decades of experience buying farms right and managing them well.  Our fund and separate accounts are purposefully built to provide the ownership and benefits of farmland to individuals and institutions

Decades of experience with farm families and financial structures make Sower the right choice for farmland investing.


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The Sower Team

Meet The Team

Eric Mueller

General Partner/Fund Manager

Chris Chard

General Partner/Managing Director

Dale Burbach

Director of Acquisitions & Portfolio Management

Matt Pickens, JD

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Wilson

Acquisition Manager

Jacob Zylstra, JD

Legal Counsel

Leslie Pinnix

Regional Portfolio Manager

Amy Bourne

Transaction & Management Specialist

Adam Olson

Executive Administrator

Ag Experts: The Sower Advisory Board

Farmland: A Stable And Steady Investment

Farmland represents true diversification to a portfolio. NCREIF data shows farmland has produced a positive return every year since 1998.  Moreover, its average annual return in that time span was 11.2%.

Farmland’s annual returns between 1998 and 2002 have been much less volatile vs. the S&P 500

Correlations of Various Asset Classes (1991 to 2021)

Our diligent investment process and network of connections allows us to consider 60,000 tillable acres per month, often times consisting of off-market opportunities.

The use of a proprietary tool to identify value creation opportunities ensures every farm performs to its maximum production and preservation potential while also realizing an higher portfolio cash yields with strong, long-term tenants.

Farming Best Practices


Capital Improvements


Market Analysis


Alternative Best Practices

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