Aug 04
Jul 27

The Outlook for Farmland Investments – Callan Sally Haskins, of Callan, provides perspective on the investment thesis for farmland. Follow her examination of the unique drivers assessed in an institution's allocation decision. The-Outlook-for-Farmland-InvestmentsDownload
Jun 23

A Case for Investing in Farmland

Chris Chard discusses investing in Farmland with Tom Livergood, CEO of The Family Wealth Alliance. Watch as they review this under-appreciated asset class together. Their conversation provides insights into the value investing in Farmland provides in many different types of portfolios and addresses some common misconceptions about the ownership of... read more →
Jun 01


Row Crops have little correlation with equity markets. Thus, while equities experience volatility, row crops generally maintain stable returns due to relatively inelastic demand and worldwide population growth. While there are fluctuations in commodity prices, the actual land that sustains crops typically appreciates each year due to the global demand... read more →
Apr 08

Increase Returns & Reduce Risk Through Farmland

Data are based on rolling returns, calculated daily, for periods ending January 1, 1992 through December 31, 2018. Asset classes represent the following indexes: US Stocks – Russell 3000 Index; International Stocks – MSCI ACWI ex US Index; Emerging Markets – MSCI Emerging Markets Index; Bonds – Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate... read more →
Mar 24

Wisconsin Farmers Brace For Impact Of Coronavirus

Agriculture Economists Say Milk Prices Likely To Plunge As Virus Impacts Demand, Processing Plants By Hope Kirwan Published: Monday, March 23, 2020, 7:00am Darin Von Ruden, president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union, said many farm operators are old enough to be considered part of the high-risk population for the virus. The U.S.... read more →
Dec 11


March 23, 2020 By Ken Anderson The massive economic stimulus package being discussed in the Senate includes funding for another round of Market Facilitation Program payments, along with aid for cattle producers. That’s according to North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, who chairs the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee. He is leading... read more →
Dec 11
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